What To Wear For Your Boudoir Session


I get asked a lot about what to wear for a boudoir session. Considering most of us don't get photographed in our undies every day, that's totally understandable. I suggest bringing 3-5 outfits per hour of your session, but I'm not going to give you hard rules for what to wear. Because I want your personality to shine through, and because you probably already know what shapes look good on you.

But I do have a lot of suggestions and guides based on my experience and seeing what looks good on camera. Every boudoir session includes a phone planning session, and we'll talk about you and your vision for the shoot, as well as what you love about your body, and I'll help you come up with more specific ideas then. 

Focus on finding items that show off what you love about yourself, not hiding what you don't love!

That's my main guide. Because it's also how I photograph. I'll ask you ahead of time what your favorite parts of yourself are, and we'll focus on those. And your wardrobe can do the same! Here are some ideas to get you started. You can also borrow items from my client wardrobe. It's full of vintage items, bodysuits, robes, jackets, and lots more. 



This is an obvious suggestion, but classics are classics for a reason, right? If you have a more laid-back style, try some Calvin Klein style undies or pairing a simple set with jeans or a sweater. Or go more vavavoom and add lace and straps and cutouts and other fun details. 


There are so many different cuts of bras and panties. Like the high waist ones above that can cover lower stomach. Or thongs to showcase your booty. Lots of ladies think if they do not love their butt, that they should not wear a thong. But I think if you don't love your butt, you should wear a thong! With my posing guidance, a thong will help your booty look amazing! Or push up bras. Or boy shorts. Don't be afraid to try something a little different! 




Maybe it seems counterintuitive to put on a sweater for a boudoir session, but I always love it! Just make sure that your sweater gives you room to play by falling off a shoulder or opening up the middle to show some skin. 



There is a bodysuit for everyone. Get high cut to show off booty and make your legs look super long. Get a low back to show off your back. Low cut V for flaunting your chest. There are so many different styles, and they can cover quite a bit of you while still showing all your curves. 

This is as close as I get to a rule: please no babydolls! People sometimes assume that the babydoll will flatter them because it hides their stomach. But it actually makes your midsection look larger with all that extra fabric. So, if you want to keep your stomach covered but keep your curves, a bodysuit is a great alternative! And if you want to cover your booty and thighs too, try a fitted slip like the one below. No extra fabric there. 




These are all totally optional items. Heels can accentuate your leg muscles and help your legs look longer. But a lot of my clients want a more laid-back vibe and choose not to bring any. 

Tights can be so sexy! It's a good way to show off your legs even if they aren't your favorite body part. I am a sucker for thigh high tights with a garter belt or full fishnet tights with just a thong underneath. It's hard to go wrong with tights. 

I love a good pair of tall socks! It's weird that giant socks can be sexy, but I'll take it. If you really want a cozy casual session, don't forget your socks!



Bralettes have great details, and are often easy to find for a good price! If you have a large chest, you can still wear a bralette! Just make sure you find a good quality one that can support you. Plus, you don't have to pair it with panties. Think outside of the box and try a bralette with shorts, jeans, or a skirt. 



Both of these items are in my client closet! I love them because they are really unique and have great wow factor. You can get creative with this and find unexpected things that specifically show off your favorite bits.




Your tops and bottoms don't have to be a set. Make your own rules! 



Jewelry is not mandatory, but it can help show off your personal style as well as add more dimension to your outfit. You could even just wear jewelry! Body chains anyone? 



So many non-lingerie items can be paired with lingerie for a boudoir look. Pack your favorite jeans or t-shirt. Or leather jacket. Or hat. Or crop top. Or wrap skirt. If you bring it, we can probably make it look sexy. 




Nude is totally an outfit option. Bare it all or cover up with fabric, hands, or whatever else is around. This is completely up to you! I'll ask if you want to do nude shots and how much you want to show. Whatever you answer is fine. 

Whatever you decide to wear (or not wear), we will make it look amazing. Just make sure to bring things you love. You can bring granny panties and old tennis shoes, and we will rock the heck out of it. So get inspired by the ideas above and then make them your own style.