Where To Shop For Your Boudoir Session


Always make sure to check your own closet and drawers first for lingerie and other sexy items you can mix and match with. But since we usually do between 3-5 different outfits for a session, most people end up buying a few items. Plus, it's fun to shop! And I get a lot of people asking me where to go shop, so here's a list to get you started.


Support local! I highly recommend checking out these stores first. You get to support local businesswomen, find beautiful unique lingerie, and try things on in person.

On The Inside Lingerie, Asheville, NC | Where to Shop for Your Boudoir Session by Virago Boudoir Photography
  • ON THE INSIDE LINGERIE is a fabulous place to shop in Asheville! Fit is super important with lingerie, and since Elise creates every piece herself, you can get your lingerie custom fitted. Her store on Haywood Rd. in West Asheville also offers some other local designers' lingerie like Poutfits, Whiskey Dog Wares, and Somos by Coco Nuco and other ethically made brands. Everything there is beautifully made.

VaVaVoom in Asheville, Photos by Nathan Lopez Photography | Where to Shop for Your Boudoir Session by Virago Boudoir
  • VAVAVOOM has it all! Apparel, nightgowns, toys, costumes, and lots of different lingerie styles. All centrally located in downtown Asheville. The further toward the back of the shop you go, the more risqué things get! They do have plus size options.


Some people find they want to try their lingerie on before buying. Especially if you don't have time to wait for delivery and the chance that it does not fit right. If you don't find what you want at the local stores above, then there are still some places at the Asheville Mall and Asheville Outlets that offer lingerie items.

Victoria's Secret | Where to Shop for Your Boudoir Session by Virago Boudoir Photography
  • VICTORIA'S SECRET is not really much of a secret, but it does have a good selection of sexy and traditional lingerie, and a lot of things that look great on camera. And since they have a store at the Asheville Mall, you can try items on in person. If you catch them during a sale, then there are some great deals to be found. However, they do not offer plus sizes, which sucks.

Torrid | Where to Shop for Your Boudoir Session by Virago Boudoir Photography
  • TORRID is another Asheville Mall store, but this one is specifically for the plus size girls! Hooray! Their prices are pretty good too. You'll definitely have more options shopping online with them, but I did see some good items when I recently visited the physical store. Even though they have a ton of babydolls, do NOT be tempted into getting one for your boudoir session.

Where to Shop for Your Boudoir Session by Virago Boudoir Photography, Lingerie for your Intimate Photography Session
  • H&M deserves a look if you're at the Asheville Mall. Their in-store selection is mostly dismal compared to online, but the bodysuits are always amazing, and they usually have at least a few styles. They also have a lot of fun and inexpensive other clothes to mix and match with lingerie for your session. I bought an amazing see-through dress there that looks great with nothing underneath! Unfortunately their plus-size collection is unimpressive.

Forever 21 | Where to Shop for Your Boudoir Session by Virago Boudoir Photography, Lingerie for your Intimate Photography Session
  • FOREVER 21 is cheap. That can be good or bad. But if you're just looking for items to wear for your session that don't need to stand up over time, then cheap is great. They have a pretty good plus size section at the Asheville Outlets. And so many fun items. This is where you can get really creative with boudoir and think outside of the box in colorful and funky ways. I actually just got drawn into the black hole of Forever 21 right now when I went to their website and ended up looking at velvet flared pants. I encourage you to be creative if you go shopping here.

  • DEPARTMENT STORES are also an option to not forget about! I've had people wear awesome lingerie from Kmart. Sometimes the department store lingerie section can be a bit overpriced or too traditional. But you never know. If you're at the mall, it may be worth a look to duck into a department store. And they do often have very nice and well known brands. Also, if you really love searching for deals, the Dillard's at the Asheville Outlets has some amazing finds sometimes. Once, I found Free People bodysuits there for about $10 each.


These are stores with reliable quality and customer service that create beautiful lingerie items.

Honey Birdette | Where to shop for your boudoir session with Virago Boudoir, Where to buy lingerie for intimate photography
  • HONEY BIRDETTE Is it expensive? Yes. Is it worth it because the lingerie is incredibly high quality? Heck yes! If you bring one of these pieces to your session, you can watch me jump up and down in excitement. Not only are they gorgeous, but the fit is always so so flattering.

Agent Provocateur | Where to Shop for Your Boudoir Session by Virago Boudoir Photography
  • AGENT PROVOCATEUR is my dream store. It's expensive, so I only dream about it, but it is fabulous as all get out. These are seriously WOW pieces that would all look SO amazing for a boudoir session.


The quality of these stores is a little more dependable than the cheap options below, but still will not break your budget. Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time and options when ordering from these online stores in case you need to return something due to fit. 

  • THISTLE AND SPIRE I just got the blue bodysuit in the photo above for the client closet, and it is gorgeous and really high quality! I love the beautiful details of their pieces. If you follow my link below, you will get a $25 discount!

Etsy | Where to Shop for Your Boudoir Session by Virago Boudoir Photography
  • ETSY! Handmade and vintage heaven! I'm putting it in mid range since there are so many choices at different price points! Beautiful hand-made and unique pieces. Vintage lingerie, leather harnesses, nipple decorations, really whatever you want. If you have something unique you're looking for, this is your place. Be careful to check shipping times. Some pieces are custom made when ordered, and they can take up to several weeks to arrive.

ASOS | Where to Shop for Your Boudoir Session by Virago Boudoir Photography
  • ASOS is amazing but overwhelming. There are over 1,000 bra choices. However, their plus size collection is much smaller and most of their pieces are pretty traditional. But if you don't mind all that, then it's a great place to shop online. Their prices are great!


I also thought about calling this section "toss-up online stores" because buying anything from them is a bit of a gamble. The fit or quality might be off, or it may be an amazing steal. Make sure to leave yourself lots of extra time when ordering from these in case the items do not work out. You want to have time to get something else. This section could go on forever, and there are a ton more cheap ones like Yandy, Adore Me, and La Senza.

Fashion Nova | Where to Shop for Your Boudoir Session by Virago Boudoir Photography
  • FASHION NOVA looks amazing in every photo. Most of their models are curvy, which I love. There are so many amazing-looking super-sexy items as well as a pretty nice plus size selection. And I know a few people who have been very happy with their orders, and a few who thought the delivery or quality or sizing was not quite right. But the prices are so cheap, that it may be worth a gamble!

Frederick’s of Hollywood | Where to shop for your boudoir session | Online lingerie stores
  • FREDERICK'S OF HOLLYWOOD can be defined by two words: cheap and sexy. They always seem to be having a sale. And they have a huge variety of really sexy items. This might also be worth a gamble to you, so check it out! They have a (very limited) plus size section.

Amazon, Where to shop for your boudoir session with Virago Boudoir Photography, Intimate photography lingerie online shopping
  • AMAZON, yes I said Amazon. Make sure you read the reviews and the sizing info! But you can find pieces for insanely cheap. But really do make sure you read the reviews and the sizing info. The link below is actually a shoppable link of Amazon favorites that I or my clients have personally tried and loved.

This list is far from exhaustive, but I have spent a lot of time shopping for lingerie, so I hope it's helpful!